Journey of the chocolate

The way of the Chocolate

Chocolate ION, a high-tech product

Chocolate is one of the few foods that are adored and appreciated worldwide.
However, many people do not know that its production includes a long and complex process. From the cocoa farms, where cocoa trees grow to the final product, there are many labor-intensive stages in the agriculture, as well as in the production of chocolate.

Cocoa beans

The way of your favorite chocolate begins in tropical countries where cacao trees are grown. After harvesting, the cocoa beans are fermented for several days and are dried in the sun. Once dry, the beans are packed in sacks and transported to factories around the world.

In order to create chocolate at ION, we take great care and pay close attention throughout all stages of production. The most important part for us is the quality of the first material: the careful selection of the cocoa beans.

The beans then pass through the machine to be cleaned; this constitutes the first step toward actual production. The grains are carefully stored in silos, which are isolated from the rest of the building, so that the chocolate can avoid contact with other odors. Then, again we thoroughly clean the beans , bake them and cool them. This allows us to proceed to the next step - the careful removal of thin layers of the grain. This brings us to one of the key points - the correct heating, to which the aromatic characteristics of the chocolate are due.

Processing of cocoa beans

The beans fragment according to precise specifications and are delivered to mills where they are crushed between heavy steel discs. This process generates heat, by which the cocoa butter is liquefied to what is known as chocolate liquor. The liquor passes to the large mechanical mixers where the remaining ingredients are added: sugar, milk, cocoa butter, and the like.
The mixture then passes through a series of heavy rollers and is refined to a smooth paste ready for "conching".

Addition of sugar

The taste characteristics are developed in the ‘’conching’’ process. This is done in the machines, called "Conches". Then, the chocolate mass undergoes hardening through heating and cooling in fixed intervals. Finally, the mixture is poured into molds to form the shape.


It is important to note that at ION all procedures are carried out mechanically, without the intervention of human hands. Thus ensuring that our chocolate products will reach the consumer with the best quality, freshness and taste.

Quality control

ION SA performs overall control of the material still at the very moment of import. They verify the processes and continuously monitor the products in their various stages of production. In this way, the company controls the quality and special taste of their products.

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