R&D / Quality Control

R & D: ION has fully equipped R & D department, which carries out a wide range of activities. In a separate act Pilot - Plant systems (small-scale laboratory production), which is able to take all the necessary tastes.

Research activities include:

• Specification and selection of used products and production methods.
• Control of technical specifications of all products and processes
• New products building.
• Optimize the cost of raw materials, products and processes.
• Optimizes products and processes.
• Undertake laboratory tests on raw materials, processes and new products.
• Provides upgrade to the latest technical and technological development on raw materials (new materials, processes, technology, etc.)
• Provide advice and technical support to customers (professional pastry - confectionery)

Quality Control: All products ION meet certain specifications (defined by the company and consumers) and to protect the health of consumers. For this purpose, the company is working on HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system for quality control.

Quality control is carried out by specialized personnel and includes control of raw materials, packaging materials, manufacturing processes of products in all stages of production. Product research and analysis is performed on all production batches in a specially equipped laboratory. The methods we use for quality control established by the food industry worldwide.

The application of HACCP under the EU Directive 93/43 is the guarantee for consumers against natural, chemical and microbiological hazards.

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